State-of-the-art Communication and Internet At Our Manchester Offices

To supply the Didsbury Business Centre with state of the art telephony we chose to use the Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform in combination with the Mitel IP Desktop 5300 series of VOIP phones. They feature ‘out of the box’ integration with Outlook and Active Directory for seamless computer/telephone interfacing. Amongst other useful features that the Mitel system offers, it allows you to draw up customer contact details and previous client notes on your computer as soon as your phone rings, meaning the facts are already at your fingertips even before you pick up the phone.

The Mitel Desktop 5300 series also offers a constantly growing range of IP-based multimedia applications, so you get to leverage voice, data and video over our high-speed converged network. Our phones feature fully-programmable self-labelling buttons meaning you can tailor bespoke functions onto your phone and launch applications on your computer from your phone.

We believe the Mitel range of telephony/computer systems is yet one more reason why the Didsbury Business Centre provides the best-available offices in Manchester.